This game has been the target of multiple jams. The descriptions for each stage are below.

Games Made Quick 2.5

For Games Made Quick 2.5, I decided to get more work in on an incomplete game. I took a game with only one of its three core mechanics implemented, and got the other two working. It's a match-three, and a spelling game, and something a bit like a maze. Still need to polish.


  • Left-click two adjacent things to swap them. Make three-in-a-rows of the same shape to clear the shapes.
  • Right-click adjacent letters, then press Enter when you've got a full word (or click the "confirm word" button), to clear the entire word.
  • Click the stick figure and then a chain of shapes (connected by a continuous path) leading to a gold shape to clear all shapes along the path the stick figure takes (and move the stick figure to the gold shape).
  • You can also play keyboard-only. Use the arrow keys to navigate, Spacebar instead of left-click, and Alt instead of right-click.
The files for the version of the game (currently in-progress) that was worked on during this game jam are named with "gmq".

Godot Game Jam

My submission for Godot Game Jam June 2018. First time using the engine. Incomplete.

When the game is complete, the idea is a puzzle game roughly equivalent to gluing together a match-three, something like a word search, and a kiddie-menu maze. Click adjacent tiles to swap them (clear 3-of-a-kind), left-click the tile with the person on it to mark a path (must go to the gold or cover one tile of each kind, clear the tiles the person passes over), right-click tiles to make words (clear all the tiles in the word).

My planned implementation of the "temperature" theme was that repeatedly clearing tiles in one way makes a bar related to that way "heat up" based on how many tiles you cleared. Each clear method "cools down" over time, and the points for a move are based on average temperature across all three.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to finish. I got the match-three part working, and there are a few fragments of the other parts (right-clicking highlights but doesn't do anything, and the gold tile and stick figure from the "maze" are present but inactive). There's no scoring.

Also unfortunately, I didn't have time to have it adapt/scale to different canvas sizes, so the bottom row gets cut off in the page.

The version of the game that had no work done before the end of this game jam is named with "ggj".


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Pretty cool concept! I like the pegs/art style. I know it was all placeholder but it kinda fit XD Can't wait to see a complete version! It was my first time as well. You are the first entry I've seen so far who actually was a first-timer like me. Cool to know others were in my position!

I actually made my entire game in one day because my original idea was too big. So I feel